We’re Denny & Jessie, a couple living a debt free lifestyle with our 4 children in metro Detroit.

A school counselor and CFO/CPA by trade, we have a passion for helping others get inspired about their futures.

When we started our journey into debt free living, we had to find ways of finding joy while tackling our bills. We learned to master the $5 date (frozen pizza, library movies and $2 wine). We clipped coupons, sold unnecessary things, bought second hand; all in an effort to stay on track. We fell off the “financial bus” over the years. It really is easy to justify in your mind things you don’t need.

On December 3, 2019 we made our last mortgage payment. From the start of our journey through today, we have paid off more than $300K in debt (cars, student loans, mortgage and credit cards). We no longer buy anything without the cash on hand.

As trained Dave Ramsey Coaches, we want to help you achieve a lifestyle you can embrace.